Safer recruitment Policy

Featherstone Lions is committed to safeguarding the welfare of children at our club.  To aid this all volunteers or employees who work regularly with or around children must be recruited in line with our safer recruitment Policy which fulfils the RFL requirements on safer recruitment.


Draw up a job description, person specification and minimum requirements, e.g. Rugby League Coaching Level 2, Licenced Coach, First Aid Certificate, SPC.


Advertise locally or online for the position, Adverts must state Job Description and Person Specification. Adverts must state that a clear recruitment process (including DBS checks) will be followed.


Applicants will be Interviewed Informally at the club house by a minimum of two people, ideally including a club official. The interview enables the Club to verify any information by checking identification documents, driving licence etc. It is at this interview that you can decide whether the applicant demonstrates the qualities that we want in our club.


Featherstone Lions will always seek at least 2 references before making a recruitment decision. Ideally one reference should be from paid employment or education and the other reference should be in a sporting capacity, ideally in a role similar to the one they are applying for. The applicant will also be asked to complete a self-declaration and disclosure form.

DBS Check 

If  applicants are to be  in a regulated activity with children they will be asked to complete a RFL / Featherstone Lions DBS check, (even if they already have an up to date RFL DBS) and return this to the RFL for processing. Upon receipt of the DBS Disclosure, the RFL will make a decision on whether or not there is any reason to prevent that individual working within Rugby League.


New volunteers should be introduced to the RFL’s Safeguarding & Protecting Children Policy, the Club’s Safeguarding & Protecting Children Policy and any other policies the Club deems are necessary and this should be done by the Club Welfare Officer.  New Volunteers will not be allowed to work alone with children until receipt of their DBS from the RFL

Self Drcloration Form