Featherstone Lions Changing Room Policy

Players should be supervised at all times in the dressing rooms by two(2) members of staff who have current enhanced DBS disclosures.

- Adult staff (e.g. coaches, physios, match officials, other volunteers) should not change or shower at the same time using the same facility as players.

- If you are involved in a mixed gender team, separate facilities should be made available for each gender and each group should be supervised by staff of the same gender.

- Volunteers should not offer to do tasks of a personal nature which a young person could do for themselves unless requested to do so by a parent/guardian, although, please note that some young people may need assistance with tying laces, fitting head guards etc)

- Parents do not have an automatic right to be present in the dressing room.

- If a young person is uncomfortable changing or showering in public no pressure should be placed on them to do so. Encourage them to do this at home.

- If your club has players with disabilities involve them and their carers in deciding how they should be assisted and ensure they are able to consent to the assistance that is offered.

- Any staff, medical or otherwise, of the opposite gender to the team, for example, a female physio working with a male team, must not be present in the dressing rooms whilst players are getting showered or changed.

- No photographic equipment should be allowed in the changing room environment. This includes cameras, video cameras, mobile phones with photographic capabilities etc.