Featherstone Lions are  committed to developing a culture where it is safe and acceptable for everyone involved at the club to raise concerns about any unacceptable practice, behaviour, wrong doing or misconduct.

We understand that through loyalty or fear of repercussion people may be reluctant to voice their concerns

This policy has been created in line with The RFL's Whistle Blowing Policy to encourage members of our club to speak out, knowing that they will be supported and their concerns will be handled sensitively and confidentially.

Speaking out will enable concerns to be investigated and dealt with for the benefit of all  involved

Above is the reporting procedure for raising concerns. 

Please contact the club welfare Officer. A Cause for Concern Form should be completed regarding any concerns relating to the behaviour of any child or adult involved in or spectating at our club. These may include general concerns about a child’s welfare, concerns about bullying or poor practice, suspicions or allegations of misconduct, or allegations of abuse A cause for concern form can be obtained from the Team Manager or downloaded from our website www.featherstonelions.co.uk/safeguarding Anyone making a disclosure can be confident that the matter will be handled appropriately and with an appropriate level of confidentiality.  

Cause for concern form