Recording Images of Children

In general the RFL believes that recording images of children’s involvement in Rugby League whether as photographs or DVDs can be beneficial. In order to ensure that the potential for any misuse of images is minimised, however, it is important that this policy is followed. CONCERNS ABOUT RECORDING IMAGES

In order to understand the reasons for the various rules and restrictions relating to the recording of images it is important to understand how they can be misused.

The key concerns regarding the use of images of children are:

- People taking inappropriate photographs or recorded images of children

- The possible identification of children when a photograph is accompanied by inappropriate information - in particular this can be used to give credence to a stranger pretending that they know a child with a view to abduction or grooming or may allow an estranged parent to track down children in contravention to a court order

- The inappropriate use, adaptation or copying of images for use on websites showing child abuse images.


The RFL believes that the benefits of recording images in a responsible manner outweighs the potential concerns and would recommend that parents/guardians agree to the images of their child being recorded within the terms of this policy.


Match DVDs

The RFL believes that the recording of matches has many benefits for children in particular:

- DVDs are an invaluable coaching aid and are used as such extensively in the professional game

- DVDs promote an effective and fair on field disciplinary process

- Recorded evidence can provide key evidence in cases of alleged breaches of this Safeguarding Policy and/or the RESPECT code of conduct

- Providing family mementoes Team/Player Photographs

The RFL believes that photographs of teams and players provide many benefits for children and the sport in particular:

- Promoting positive images of children playing Rugby League

- Recording significant events both for clubs and for individual children

- Produce a record and sense of history for a club

- Providing mementoes for families In order for the recording of these images to be used to deliver these benefits it is important that the concerns are understood and acted upon by following the guidelines set out below.


- Ensure Parents/Guardians/children have given their informed consent for the taking and publication of photographic images and have signed and returned the Player Profile form.

- Ensure all children are appropriately dressed for the activity taking place which in the vast majority of cases will mean full playing kit.

- Any photographs or recording should focus on the activity rather than a particular child

- Personal details which may make a child vulnerable such as their address should never be revealed.

- If a player is named avoid using their photograph

- if a photograph is used avoid naming the player

- newspapers may use full names sometimes operating under the Press Complaints regulations Rugby League Club recording images of children policy

- In line with the RFL’s Equality & Diversity policy photographs and recordings should represent the diverse range of children participating in Rugby League.

- Anyone taking photographs at an event must have a valid reason for doing so and must have completed a Recording of Images form.

- Any concerns about inappropriate or intrusive photography should be reported to the RFL Safeguarding team.

- The use of mobile phone or other cameras is forbidden in the dressing room GUIDELINES TO BE FOLLOWED BY THE MEDIA OR OTHERS WHEN TAKING PHOTOS AT EVENTS

- Anybody who wants to take photographs or otherwise record images must have a valid reason for doing so ie has a child taking part or is a club official photographer or media

- The photographer/camera person should make themselves known to the organiser or person in charge prior to taking any images

- The photographer/camera person must sign the RFL Recording of Images form

- The photographer/camera person must have bona fide ID and be able to produce it on request

- Clubs or organisers must never allow photographers to have unsupervised access to players or to have one-to-one photo sessions at events


There will be occasions from time to time when someone you do not recognise who has not signed a Recording Images form who will be taking photographs or recording images at a Rugby League event. If this situation arises you should have the confidence and courage to challenge the individuals.

You should:

- Approach the individual & check who they are

- If they have not signed a Recording Images form ask them to stop recording

- If an individual is observed taking photographic images in a way that raises concerns or is ‘suspicious’ and does not desist when challenged, the Police should be informed